I Am MoneyNetwork

"Just call me Money . . ."

MoneyNetwork is a Hip-Hop/Rap Artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Money's music comes from personal experiences, stories both fictional and true as well as personal feelings and thoughts. Money is currently working within a well developed home studio in Texas working to hone his talents, sounds and delivery.

Money began rapping at the age of 12 as a hobby, but after a few public talent shows and performances his confidence grew into a self made Hip-Hop engineer and producer. Over the years Money has performed at countless venues to develop his skills and perfect his performances. Money is currently building a business from his talents with hopes to reach millions with his message and unique sounds.

The music made by and with Money is different from other artist which is apparent through the passion felt when digesting his sounds. In a world where music comes natural to all and creativity is a dime a dozen Money is a refreshing voice in a sea of sound waves that is mentally pleasing.

Listen share and re-share. If you know about MoneyNetwork, tell someone who doesn't know.